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PWYP Launches with a Little Urb (Herb) in the Burb

We officially launched our BuyBethesdaCondos website Friday with an herb giveaway around Bethesda to tie in with our tagline: When you want a little urb with your burb. So if you saw someone walking around with a rosemary plant with a purple tag, that was us! We used the giveaway to let people to know that is the place to go for the straight dope on condos and their neighborhoods. We also want people who have an opinion about a Bethesda condo to log on and share that information.

We love herbs in the urb or burb because they’re the easiest way to have a garden in the more compact living space of a condo, providing greenery and great smells. All you need is a sunny windowsill or a balcony/outdoor area that will accommodate a couple of pots.

For our rosemary plant, experts recommend the following:
• Rosemary likes it a little on the dry side. Use an indoor potting soil that allows for good drainage. Water when top soil is dry to the touch. You’ll be watering much less in winter.
• Rosemary likes it sunny. Place the potted rosemary at the brightest spot in your home; somewhere that gets at least 6-8 hours of light a day. Supplement with fluorescent lighting f necessary.
• Rosemary doesn’t like it too humid. Don’t place your plant in a high humidity area like the bathroom, or your rosemary could get powdery mildew.
• Rosemary likes to be useful. You can harvest half of the new growth on your plant each season to dry or use fresh.

When you want to enjoy fresh herbs year round, growing your own is a great way to go. When you want a little urb with your burb, is a great way to go.

For a short and sweet article on what other herbs work well indoors and growing tips, try this article:

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